Trailers for Premieres

Trailers give artists an opportunity to generate even more excitement for fans in advance of a Premiere. With Trailers, artists can set up a pre-recorded hype video – between 15 seconds and 3 minutes long – to play on the Premiere watch page before the big event. Trailers create a more compelling pre-show experience for fans and encourage viewers to set a reminder for the actual release. As of now, Ads will not run on Trailers.

1. How to set up a Trailer

To set up a Trailer for an upcoming Premiere, you’ll first need to schedule the Premiere. You can do this when you upload the Premiere, or through YouTube Studio as described below. Make sure the Premiere video is set to unlisted or private and has not been premiered, and never been set to public.

Schedule your Premiere in YouTube Studio:

  • Sign in to
  • In the left menu, click the Videos tab.
  • Click the Uploads tab
  • Find the video for your Premiere and click the pencil icon.
  • In the Video details dashboard, schedule your Premiere by clicking Visibility > Schedule and tick the Set as Premiere box.

Then, set up your Trailer:

  • Navigate to your Premiere Video details using the steps above.
  • Click Set up Premiere > Select Trailer to see eligible videos.
  • Click the video you want to set as the trailer and then click Save.
  • Be sure to also click Save on the Video details page to schedule your Premiere. You have successfully made the association between your Trailer and your Premiere.


Once a Premiere is scheduled, a shareable and public watch page is created. This page shows the video metadata, including title, description, and thumbnail. Your Trailer will play in place of the thumbnail, and your video will eventually premiere on this watch page. Viewers can start interacting through Comments and Live Chat on the watch page before and during the Premiere.

To preview the watch page for your Premiere, go to the Video details page and click the Video link.

Learn more about Premieres and the Premiere watch page in our Help Center.

2. Best Practices for Trailers

  • In your Trailer, communicate to fans what they should expect in the Premiere, and remind them to tune in. Suggest they set a reminder for the big event.
  • Build the hype! Your Trailer is an opportunity to earn new fans and ensure your existing fans will tune in for the Premiere. Make it a compelling, exciting teaser that leaves fans wanting to see more.
  • Mirror any branding from your Premiere in your Trailer to create a seamless visual experience for viewers and to communicate your brand.
  • After setting up the Trailer, preview the watch page to make sure the Trailer is playing and that everything looks right.
  • Promote the Premiere on social media before the big day to grow your audience. Share out the video link from the Premiere’s Video details page. (You can find this link using the Trailer instructions above.)
  • Use Community to post reminders or celebrate fans who express excitement about your Premiere!

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