Live Redirect to Premieres

Live Redirect gives artists a new way to engage fans in real time right before a Premiere. With Live Redirect, artists can host a live stream that transitions to a scheduled Premiere, giving fans a front row seat to the artist while building anticipation for the main event. After the live stream ends, the live audience is seamlessly directed to the upcoming Premiere right before it starts.

1. How to set up a Live Redirect

RECOMMENDED STREAMING METHODS: If possible, set up your Live Redirect live stream as a desktop stream with an encoder. If you go this route, check your resolution settings in the live control room before going live. Also, be sure to end the live stream in the control room first, then end it in the encoder. You can also leverage mobile or a webcam to go live. For more on streaming options, check our Help Center.

To set up Live Redirect on YouTube, you’ll need to choose a source video (live stream) and destination video (Premiere). You can do this in YouTube Studio or from your live control room by following the instructions below.

Set up Live Redirect in YouTube Studio:

  • Sign in to
  • In the left menu, click Videos (or Content).
  • Click the Live videos tab. You’ll need to choose a source video and a destination video for your Live Redirect.
  • Hover over your source video, and click the pencil icon .
  • In the Video details page, scroll down and click Show More.
  • Scroll down to Select where to redirect viewers and click Select to see eligible destination videos.
  • Click the video where your live stream should redirect. This should be your Premiere. You can also deselect or replace the destination video here.
  • Click Save to finish.

Set up Live Redirect in the live control room:

  • In the top navigation of any YouTube page, click Create > Go live.
  • Click the Manage tab, then click your unlisted live stream video.
  • In the video dashboard, click Edit in the upper right corner.
  • Click the Live Redirect tab > Select where to redirect viewers > Select.
  • Choose your destination video (your Premiere).
  • Click Save to finish.


With Live Redirect, your Premiere will auto-play as soon as the live stream has ended. This means two important things:

  • You’ll need to end the live stream before your Premiere can begin. Be sure to wrap up the live stream before the scheduled start of your Premiere – for example, if you scheduled a Premiere for 12:00pm, end your live stream at 11:59am, or shortly after.
  • Your live stream and Premiere will play on the same watch page. For this reason, it’s a good idea to encourage viewers to stay on the live page to watch the Premiere in any social or verbal messaging. More on this below.

2. Best practices for Live Redirect


  • Experiment with different content types: Past artist live streams include Ask Me Anything dialogue with fans, musical performances where you can use Super Chat or comments to take requests, live vlogs and behind-the scenes access, celebration / landmark videos, and more
  • Provide & highlight value to your fans: It’s important you communicate to your fans what you’re about to Premiere and why they should tune in beforehand. You can do so by promoting the pre-show on social media with a message like "I'll be hosting a livestream that includes the debut of my new music video." Consider taking the first couple of minutes of your live stream to hype the Premiere and encourage viewers to stay tuned.
  • Share out the Live Redirect link to social media: This ensures that fans get the best experience when they come


  • Set expectations about the experience: Let fans know several times during the live stream that to see the Premiere, all they have to do is wait – not refresh the page or click out – as it will auto-play in the live stream watch page.
  • Give thanks and show your gratitude: Show appreciation for the fans who are tuning in. Look into the camera and shout out your fans to make them feel special. When fans receive attention in this way, they may be more likely to show support for their favorite artists. Have fun with them, be spontaneous, and keep experimenting!
  • Foster a conversation & answer questions: Use Super Chat to answer audience and viewer questions in the chat. Follow along with the stream and highlight these viewers with on-screen verbal read outs, allowing the viewer to feel both appreciated and a part of the content.


  • Always promote live streams: Use Community and social media to promote your live stream and Premiere even after the event. Post highlights or celebrate those who joined you!

To learn more about using Live Redirect, visit our Help Center. For best practices on Trailers, visit this page.