Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get my music into the YouTube Music app?

    The YouTube Music app shows content that our system and our partners have identified as appropriate for a music experience. Make sure that you categorise your uploads as 'Music' in the advanced settings of Video Manager, under the 'Category' drop-down menu. In most cases, there's nothing that you need to do to get your music content into the app, but categorising it will help.

    Learn more about how we determine what goes in the YouTube Music app.

  • What are Official Artist Channels, and how can I apply to get one?

    If you're an artist on YouTube, your Official Artist Channel puts all of your content in one place. The channel places  your music catalogue on two new shelves, including your music videos, songs and albums.

    This new layout is being rolled out gradually. To be eligible for an Official Artist Channel, make sure that you already have a YouTube channel that's owned and operated by you as an artist, your manager or your label, and have at least three music videos on YouTube. We'll let you know when your channel has been upgraded to an Official Artist Channel.

  • How can I manage my presence on Google with Official Artist Channels?

    In the Artist Centre of Creator Studio, you can update your artist biography and add photos. Content that you make available here may also be displayed  on YouTube properties such as your channel and YouTube charts, as well as other Google sites, such as Google+ and Google Play. Learn more.

  • Where is my Official Channel music note?

    We are starting with the Official Artist Channel branding on desktop and will be expanding to other platforms in the future.

  • How do I get added to Music Insights?

    To be added to Insights & Charts, you can 'Report a data issue' in the upper right-hand corner of the Music Insights home page. Please make sure that you include a link to your channel when you request to be added, and click the 'Send' button. If an Artist name isn't searchable later on, you can send an email to

  • I've forgotten my password or lost access to my channel. How can I get back in?

    If you remember the email associated with your YouTube channel, you can try to recover your account.

    If you've lost access to the Google Account associated with your channel, follow these Steps.

    If your channel has been hacked, please go through this flow to the best of your ability, and contact

  • How can I protect my music from being stolen?

    If you notice someone else using your music in their videos, you can submit a copyright takedown notice.

  • What do I do if my music gets a Content ID claim or a copyright takedown?

    If your music gets a Content ID claim, there's a couple of things you can do, depending on the situation. Learn more here.

    For copyright takedowns, if you believe that this was given in error, you can resolve the copyright strike in one of three ways: wait for it to expire, get a retraction or submit a counter notification. More details here.

  • How do I grow my subscriber base?

    There are many ways to grow your subscriber base, such as making effective thumbnails and titles, writing smart descriptions and using cards or end screens to encourage your viewers to take action. Visit our Creator Academy to learn more.

  • How do I measure my success on YouTube?

    Use YouTube Analytics to understand your video reach, e.g. the size of your active audience and how thumbnail impressions turned into views and watch time etc. Visit our Creator Academy to learn more.

  • What is the Community Tab?

    As a YouTube creator, you're always looking to strengthen your relationship with your audience.

    That's why we've created the Community tab, a fun new way to share your creativity and complement your upload schedule, all while interacting with your audience on YouTube.

    Learn more about Community posts.

  • Your first post

    Just sign in, tap directly on the Community tab in your channel, then take your pick of ways to post.

    Post on a regular schedule to complement your video uploads and involve your subscribers. Each post will show up in your subscribers' feeds, so make sure that your posts are meaningful. That way your subscribers will be encouraged to click through.

    1. Make sure that you have the latest version of the YouTube app.
    2. To cut down on any confusion for your viewers, Community will be disabled until Discussion is turned off.
    3. How to turn off Discussion.
      • Under your channel banner, click settings
      • Turn the 'Show discussion' tab off.

    What should I post?

    • Go behind the scenes of your channel with exclusive making-of photos.
    • Here are some ideas to keep the conversation going with Community:
    • Tease your next video with a GIF of its best moment.
    • Promote your merch, e-store, book tour or even tickets for your next concert.
    • Show your subscribers that you listen by replying to and hearting comments.

    Five ways to kickstart your Community tab

    1. Poll to learn what your audience wants to see next: You can quiz your subscribers on what they want to see next and consider refining your content based on their suggestions. Community input may help you to decide where to invest your time, producing more types of videos that your community requests.
    2. Grow excitement with GIFs: Consider offering a sneak peek of the best moments from each video with a GIF and get your subscribers fired up to watch.
    3. Bring them backstage: Give your subscribers an exclusive look backstage during your tour or at a shoot by posting pictures or quick videos. You can even ask for their opinion on the creative process. Hint: Try using photos with yourself clearly visible so that viewers recognise you.
    4. Offer exclusive content: Try posting pictures or GIFs that your audience can't find anywhere else. Consider posting fun pics of your day, your adventures or even your pets. Providing a unique experience for your subscribers on the Community tab is a great way to keep your audience coming back for more.
    5. Recognise your fans: Utilise the Community tab as another place for interacting with your audience. Consider featuring your 'super' fans, calling out to them or answering their top questions. Plus, you can heart comments from viewers or reply to them with images and GIFs.


    • You can use Community posts to cross-promote videos uploaded to other YouTube channels – including collabs, videos from your secondary channel or videos that you just find entertaining!
    • You can thank your most loyal fans or even highlight some of their special contributions.
  • How do I go live on my phone?

    See 'scheduling live stream on mobile' here.

  • How do I make money from distributing to YouTube?

    To earn money from your videos, you'll want to follow the four steps listed here, including agreeing to the YouTube Partner Programme Terms. On 16 January 2018, we announced new eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Programme. Once a channel reaches 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers, it will be reviewed to join the programme.

  • YouTube Analytics

    YouTube Analytics offers all kinds of data to help you assess what's working well. You can find out where viewers discover your content, which videos have the most watch time and how fans engage with your content. For a deep dive into YouTube Analytics, take this course.

    When you monetise your channel, you would want to look at the various Revenue reports to address questions such as:

    • How much money does my YouTube channel generate?
    • What are the main sources of revenue (ads, YouTube Red etc.)?
    • Which regions contribute the most to my earnings?
    • How does my revenue change across different time frames?

    Based on the answers, you may adjust your creative or uploading choices. For example, if you notice a lot of fans for your music in another country, you can translate video titles and descriptions to make your videos more accessible.

    Or let's say you uncover high click-through rates for end screens on mobile devices. If your goal is to increase sales of merch or albums, you can apply what you've learnt by adding mobile-optimised end screens to your new music videos.

    Note: If your channel rolls up under a music label, distributor or another content owner, access to revenue data in YouTube Analytics may or may not be available.

  • YouTube Music Charts and Insights

    With Music Charts, you can take a look at a weekly ranking of the top music on YouTube. You can see the top 100 videos (ranked by view count) or a breakdown by viral videos (scored using a number of popularity factors), tracks or Artists.

    For instance, Artists and labels can use this data to indicate the popularity of specific songs or genres on YouTube when trying to acquire radio airplay or negotiate brand deals. Or they can build buzz by posting on social media about their YouTube Music Charts ranking.

    With Music Insights, you can see the locations where an Artist is most popular. This data may be valuable to route tours to cities with large fan bases, or to target marketing campaigns by region.

    Note: Music Charts and Insights include Artists that we've received industry-standard metadata for, typically supplied by a label or distributor. Music Insights contains data since 1 September 2014. YouTube is constantly adding new Artists and locations to the database.